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Disney Reportedly Selling its Content To Third Party Publishers Out of Utter Desperation Following MCU Phase 4 Seemingly Sinking Marvel in Gargantuan Operational Losses

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The rise of over-the-top streaming services and their current foothold in the entertainment industry is massive. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and even Disney+ are singlehandedly carrying the entertainment industry on its back as thousands of high-budget TV series and movies get pumped out by these three main streaming services every year.

But Disney+ in general is struggling significantly as compared to its contemporaries. The 3-year-old streaming service, launched on November 12, 2019, has operational costs that apparently not even its parent company can afford. This is why there have been rumors jumping around that the service is bound to sell its content to third-party publishers to get itself out of a financial mess.

Disney+ FandomWire

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Disney+ Reportedly Selling Its Content To Help Cut Operational Losses

Despite having been launched for well over 3 years only, Disney+ hadn’t always gone down this path. The initial launch of the service was met with a warm reception for having a sizeable amount of content to watch from.

Disney+ FandomWire
Loki, one of Disney+’s top TV series.

But what’s missing from it was the poor maintenance of the streaming service, resulting in customer complaints about missing content, and one technical problem after another. This eventually would lead to massive operational costs for the streaming giant, and it seems to have not been able to keep up with it.

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Now rumors have been going around that Disney+ is allegedly trying to sell its content to third-party publishers to cut down on operational costs, according to scooper Doomcock in a video published on his YouTube channel Overlord DVD.

Doomcock elaborates on the rumor, adding that the news comes from one of his trusted sources from Disney-

“If what I’ve heard happens, it is 100% proof that Disney plus is a failure. Period, no spin, and no s–t. There’s a rumor that Disney is planning to sell content to other publishers.”

The services that have been eye-locked for a licensing deal, according to the source, are Apple, Paramount Plus, Peacock, and an “other random service”.

Could this mean the decline of the streaming service, or is it simply a strategic way of offloading a huge problem from the service’s back?

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Which Of Disney+’s Shows Is Going To Get Sold?

Answering the question to this can be very tricky, considering the fact that the streaming service has one of the largest catalogs of movies and TV series in the world. But luckily, scooper Doomcock’s sources already have that information ready for fans, and it seems like Bob Iger wouldn’t mind at all.

Disney+ FandomWire
The Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger

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The next big development in the life-cycle of the streaming service could come in the form of Disney+ putting up these shows for licensing deals- The Mandalorian Season 1, The Orville Season 1 (and possibly 2), Loki Season 1, WandaVision Season 1, Andor Season 1, Bad Batch Season 1, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Willow. It doesn’t end there, there are also “a few others” on that list.

So fans who love to rewatch their favorite TV series all over again once in a while, especially fans of these TV shows, will have to consider subscribing to whatever streaming service that Disney+ might sell these assets to. However, this is all only a rumor and as such should be taken with a grain of salt.

Source: Bounding Into Comics

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