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“Zoe Saldaña’s amazing, But I wasn’t even a topic of discussion”: Nia Long Calls Out James Cameron Over Unfair Casting in Avatar

"Zoe Saldaña’s amazing, But I wasn’t even a topic of discussion": Nia Long Calls Out James Cameron Over Unfair Casting in Avatar

There are literally thousands (and maybe more!) of actors in the movie industry who get the message that reads out their failure to get a role in a movie every day. Even the most popular actors of today, like Johnny Depp, have gone through the same rejection. But Nia Long is one such actor that wasn’t even considered!

To give a little bit of context on what we’re talking about here, legendary director James Cameron’s biggest blockbuster hit called Avatar as everyone would know by now had never considered Nia Long for a role in the movie. And she’s not too happy about it!

Nia Long FandomWIre
Nia Long

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Nia Long Wanted To Be In Avatar, Expresses Disappointment

To be fair to James Cameron, Nia Long’s track record as an actor does not really qualify her to star in an action-drama movie like Avatar. The Friday star has starred in numerous successful comedy movies- be it The Best Man and its sequel The Best Man Holiday or as Claudia in the widely popular comedy TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Nia Long FandomWIre
Nia Long

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But there’s always room to strive for more, and wouldn’t an actor want to do that? During an interview with The Cut, the 52-year-old actor said-

“I’ve felt passed over on things, for sure. There have definitely been moments like, ‘Why wasn’t I considered for that?’ “

She reminisced about the time that Zoe Saldana was cast as Neytiri in Avatar, and expressed that she really wanted to have played that role-

“Like, why wasn’t I considered for ‘Avatar’? I think Zoe’s amazing. But I wasn’t even a topic of discussion, you know?”

However, she later clarified that she always felt that she was ignored for big roles in big-budget Hollywood movies as she pointed out that-

“a lot of times, to be fair, directors know in their minds who they want,”

Maybe she might finally get a role as sensational and lucrative as Neyitri in Avatar. Until then, fans will have to do good with her performance in You People.

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Nia Long Would Still Do Something Like Avatar

Nia Long may have felt like she reached a dead end when realizing that she was being ignored for roles in big Hollywood movies. But she firmly picks herself back up and continues to have a positive outlook on life- especially in bagging a role like that of Neytiri in Avatar, should the chance come.

Nia Long FandomWIre
Nia Long

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During the very same interview with The Cut, the Big Momma’s House star said she’s still open to working on a movie like Avatar-

“I would love to do a film like ‘Avatar’ because I’m really a fan and obsessed. I would even do a supporting role in a film like that because it’s so magical and beautiful, and there are so many lessons and a connection to Mother Nature, humanity, and race. I just think it’s fantastical.”

At least Long has no hard feelings for James Cameron’s work given he didn’t even consider her for the role of Neytiri.

You People is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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