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Perfect Match Review – Reality, Drama and Trashy Entertainment

Perfect Match

Because there isn’t enough trashy reality TV to choose from already, Netflix is going all in on their steamy new series, Perfect Match. And the results are a paradise of guilty  pleasure entertainment. The streaming giant is no stranger to reality television. Their stream-able library is stacked with content tackling the genre from a variety of angles. They have The Circle, a social media experiment, geared towards gaining popularity in an increasingly digital world. There’s also Married At First Sight, the series designed to put physical attraction on the backburner in place of more meaningful connections. However, Perfect Match, dropping on Netflix this Valentines Day, may be their biggest swing at the genre yet.

What do you get when you combine one island, a handful of sexy singles and a ton of alcohol? You can probably guess, but Netflix wants you to tune in to find out. Perfect Match brings back contestants from some of Netflix’s most popular reality series and gives them the opportunity to find love. But its not that simple (it never is), because if you don’t find your match in time, you have to say ‘Bye-bye’ to paradise.

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Perfect Match
Contestants compete in a game on Netflix’s Perfect Match.

The formula is far from original. It’s the same we’ve seen on series like Bachelor In Paradise and Love Island. The balance of power shifts between the men and the women each week as new singles are added to the mix in an attempt to test established relationships and stir up necessary drama. Because let’s face it, the drama is what keeps audiences tuning back in to this type of entertainment week after week. It’s what I call the “Maury Effect.” There are well over five thousand episodes of Maury spanning thirty-one seasons. That’s astounding! The series is repetitive and trashy; yet, incredibly successful because it appeals to its target audience and turns up the drama.

Like Maury, Perfect Match is a series for a very specific viewing audience, and chances are, you already know whether you belong to that group or not. It’s the type of show that you roll your eyes at and make jokes about around the water cooler, then secretly go home to binge watch with a carton of ice cream, a glass of wine and a hoodie. Yes… I’m describing myself.

Perfect Match Review - FandomWire
Contestants on Netflix’s Perfect Match

The biggest thing Perfect Match has going for it, is its cast of familiar faces. That instant recognition and reconnection will likely work to the series’ benefit by allowing audiences to continue rooting for (or against, in some instances) contestants they’ve already had the chance to get to know. It’s nothing ground breaking, but that’s not what it strives to be; it doesn’t need to. If you’re looking for a mindless entertainment filled with poor choices and, of course, loads of drama, then Perfect Match, just may be the perfect match for you.


7 Out of 10

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Written by Joshua Ryan

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