Options for Women of Chisago County is conveniently located in North Branch, Minnesota, on the corner of Hwy 61 and Elm Street. We provide Pregnancy Tests, Ultrasound Referrals, Information on Abortion and other educational services to women and couples facing unplanned pregnancies. All of our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

Confidentiality Statement

Your trust is important to us. When you visit our center, we want you to know your information is safe with us. We have a strict confidentiality policy. No matter what service is provided, your results and information are confidential. In fact, we never divulge information, even to parents and partners.

About Us

We are a non-profit Pregnancy Resource Center dedicated to serving women, men and young families in the Chisago County and surrounding areas. Our staff and volunteers care deeply about the people in our community and are eager to assist families through our many programs and services. Our clients experience friendship, hope and encouragement through positive and life-affirming medical and personal support services, education and resources.

Please know the following about our services:

  • We provide information about abortion, but do not refer for abortions
  • We provide services to all people regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity, and beliefs.
  • We are partially funded by the Minnesota Department of Health through the Positive Alternative Act.


Think you might be pregnant? We are here to answer your questions and offer non-judgmental support as you explore the options available to you.

New Parent?

Want to know what to expect and increase your parenting skills?

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Our Services and Mentoring Programs

Free Pregnancy Tests and Lay Counseling

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming and scary. But you are not alone. At Options for Women we understand your concerns. We help women just like you every day. Our only goal is to give you the information you need about pregnancy, abortion and other options you have so you can make the choice that’s right for you.

Learn for sure if you’re pregnant by taking a free pregnancy test at Options for Women of Chisago County. Our pregnancy tests are 99.5% accurate, medical quality and more sensitive than the over-the-counter varieties. From there, we can talk to you about options for your next steps.

Help a Friend?

Have a friend who may be pregnant and needs your help? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Every year, Options for Women of Chisago County talks to friends, boyfriends and parents of girls who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. As her friend, you can help her understand her pregnancy and the choices she has for her next steps by letting her know Options for Women is here to help. Make an appointment for her today. With her permission you’re welcome to join her during her visit to provide support and get answers to any questions you may have.

Still In School?

Are you a student at an area school or surrounding community college and are worried you might be pregnant? Are you in an unhealthy relationship? If so, Options for Women of Chisago County is here for you. Since 1982, we have been a trusted resource and support for area students, providing free, strictly confidential services to students just like you. Make an appointment today to talk to someone about your situation and your options. You have rights as a student, and you are not alone.


“I have an overwhelming sense of gratefulness. Our family was in great need of support at the time I stumbled upon Options for Women earlier this year. We received so many great programs that Options for Women offers to help us when needed. I have learned so many great tools to parent throughout this program and that I continue to use on a daily basis.” ~Amanda~

“Options for Women has been very helpful for our family due to our son having medical bills and our surprise twins. We had a budget for 1 more baby, but then we got twins. The baby items and diapers help us out financially. The staff is very supportive, kind, and helpful. I don’t feel alone and scared anymore. I also find the education to be beneficial and use the things I learn to be a better mother. I am so grateful for this program and it has saved our family.” ~Heather~

“Ever since I walked in the door everyone has been welcoming and kind. I’ve only worked with Kori and she’s been nothing but smiles, nice and welcoming every time we walk through the door. She even helps me out with my kids (2yrs old and 8 months) as if they were her own. My 2 year old is quite curious and likes to get into EVERYTHING. I like what OFW does and I wish there were more programs like it. I hope this program stays as it has helped me with clothes, diapers, wipes and how to keep calm with my children without yelling, and simply being able to talk to another adult about anything without being judged. If I would have known about this the first time around I would have come in. I’m sure this is a big help to first time moms as well. If you ever have to have more workers you should find some just like Kori because she is awesome, knows what she does, and does it well.” ~Lisa~

“Options for Women has been very supportive through these past couple of years. I have endured some difficult times. The classes help me better my parenting and life skills. The women were also there as mentors to guide me through the good and not so good, providing me with diapers and clothes for both my children, along with going above and beyond to just be there for me. I am so thankful to have Options in my life.” ~Brittany~

Your Options


Many questions are probably running through your head…

  • What will the father say?
  • What will my parents and peers say?
  • How will I take care of myself and a baby financially?
  • What about my schooling? My future?

…These are just a few questions we hear often.

Experienced lay counselors will provide you a chance to ask your questions so you can make informed decisions about what option is right for you.

Don’t make decisions out of fear or under pressure by those around you. Come in to meet with us. Being informed of options available to you will help you in the long run.

We are here to listen without judgement.


Late getting your period? If the answer is YES we know that can be upsetting and stressful if you are not planning a pregnancy. It’s important to find out before you panic. At Options for Women of Chisago County we can help. We offer FREE pregnancy tests.

Free ultrasound referrals are also available following a positive pregnancy test at our center.

Walk-in or schedule an appointment TODAY.

Let us help you through this situation. We are only a phone call away.

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An unplanned pregnancy can be frightening and stressful, but you are not alone! Options for Women of Chisago County is here to help. We help women just like you and know what you are facing isn’t easy. We would love to visit with you as well as provide information to help you make an informed decision. Your visit will be completely free and confidential.

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If we are unable to take your call during the business week please leave a message and someone will return your call within 24 hours, excluding weekends. If it’s an emergency please call 911!

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